How to order online

Order your products on our website
1) In the main menu, choose between the different categories.

2) Per category you can choose from different product categories. Make a choice and you will end up in your chosen product category. This contains all the products that we sell from the chosen category.

3) Have you found a product that you want to order, click on the button “ADD TO BASKET”. Select the correct size or color where necessary, then enter the number of pieces and click on the button “ADD TO BASKET”.

4) If you want to order other products, go to the next article and repeat this procedure.

5) When your order is complete, click on the “SHOP BASKET” button (top right). You can still check the order “VIEW BASKET” or “CHECKOUT”.

6) Once you are in “SHOP BASKET” you can see an overview of the selected products in your shopping basket. You will see the total amount with the relevant additional costs.

7) There are additional costs related to delivery. Once the purchase amount is lower than 75.00 euros, 6.95 euros in transport costs will be charged. FREE DELIVERY applies to orders over 75.00 euros.

8) If you wish to have the product delivered to your home, you choose the appropriate delivery method, you can also pick up the product in the store (where the transport costs are waived). Indicate your preferred method.

9) Check your order carefully, and if you agree with everything, click the "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT" button.

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